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Career Building – Modern Perspective

Career Building – Modern Perspective

Building a career today is the most important part of life. Choosing the right course for ourselves as per our own interest is really important because one has to build his/her career through that particular study of interest. Education has reached to such a level that we are getting a vast number of choices to create the work life as per our choice. Every course provides facilities regarding career from studying engineering, literature to interior designing and photography.


Photography is the newly introduced course as because of the ascending interest of students. With good vision and creativity, one can build up his/her career through this unique field of interest. Good computing skills, to give the raw photo a pinch of more beauty, which can lead them to get started as a professional photographer.

In India, there are various renowned colleges for this course such as Delhi College of Photography (New Delhi), Life Academy (Ooty),  Asian Academy of Film and Television-(AAFT) (Noida) etc. So, one can start his/her career in this field which has various scopes for future career building opportunities such as wedding photography, event photography,  fashion photography, wildlife photography and many more. There are many people who are very successful with their interest in photography converted into the career, such as Tim Laman- Wildlife Photography, Henry Cartier- Bresson- Street Photography.

There are many benefits of Photography like:

  • Photography works as a stress buster.
  • Photography creates a story of your life.
  • Photography can work a career for passionate ones.
  • Photography tests your imagination power.
  • Photography creates unerasable memories.


Interior designing is also a creative way to make your career interesting for those who love art. It’s an imaginative and artistic path of education. To get started with interior designing as a road to career one should be good at designing and must have practical knowledge so that understanding the client’s demand would be easy. Working on various projects, portfolios can help to gain the vision for the art which is needed. For a professional interior designer, the scope is huge in India because now people demand unique interiors to make their home a dream place to live in. There are various designing softwares to work with such as AUTOCAD, 3D modeling, Sketchup, 3ds max, etc., which can help an individual to come up with new ideas for the project.


There are many benefits of Interior Designing like:

  • Creativity level increases day by day
  • Profitable income
  • Growing Demand
  • Satisfaction towards your job
  • Traveling new places
  • Flexibility
  • Financial Rewards


Interior designing and photography both are the newly introduced ways to start your career with what you love. It helps you to gain mental peace and stability as a person can never be tired of doing something he loves to do. Notably,  they move hand-in-hand which actually makes them more beneficial for an individual.


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