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Privacy Policy Details for Facebook Login:

Our website or any of its feature will not use/copy/remember your login credentials or personal details without your permission. Our facebook login feature only ensures a secure login method for you and nothing else. If you are bothered, you may please contact on

  1. User Can copy any visible content from the website or our YouTube Channel, in form of screenshots, or by copying using a pen-paper, or by recording with a camera, or with a screen recorder but, mentioning Kailasha Foundation alias Kailasha Online Learning LLP will be complusory, wherever republished/copied as:
    copied from Kailasha Online Learning LLP (Website:
  2. The answers given to the questions actually come from the team members where the team means a group consisting experts from various fields, boys and girls both, who are members of Kailasha Online Learning LLP. The answers are sometimes published under the name of Admins, but it must be noted that “those solutions come from concerned experts”
  3. A member’s input is Kailasha Online Learning LLP’s property (and the member’s also) until he/she doesn’t leave the team. It will be 100% authority of a member to get his/her content removed or let remain published after his/her exit from the team.

(Terms of use as updated on 22nd June 2017. We will keep updating Our terms of use as we keep finding bottlenecks. Kailasha Online LLP is an under-development education portal, whose main motive is to spread FREE EDUCATION)

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