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Anglo Norman Period – Part 2

Anglo Norman Period – Part 2


The Anglo-Norman period started with the Norman conquest to the middle of the 14th century (1066-1340)- so, for conceptual clearance, we must know, the meaning and significance of the Anglo-Norman period.

In this period, French dialect was spoken by the Norman invaders. The Norman were agnostic philistines from Denmark, Norway and Iceland who started surprising people with their disastrous appearance of violence and theft in Europe, basically in the coastal areas in the 8th century.

They were the vikings who lined in the North-West France. To save France from further attacks, King Charles, who simply made a pact of St.Clair-Sur-Epte with the chief of the vikings named Rollo, by giving them some land. Within a few years, Rollo with the other Vikings had accepted the Franks language, laws and other cultures. The Vikings got married with the french people, showing their unity and togetherness. These were the people who were known as the Normans.


By the 11th century, Normandy gained its identification by becoming one of the most powerful states in Christendom. They were fearless and aggressive. They showed their cruelty and rage, whenever and wherever they wanted Robert Guiscard helped various political groups in Staly to gain possessions.

The Norman Conquest in England

Some of the most economic engagements of the Normans took place in 1066, when they took over England. King Edward, the King of England was issueless so he wanted Harold Godwinson to be the King after his death where as William of Normandy claimed himself to be the rightful King of England.

It is said that William of Normandy had prisoned Harold to dominate his claim for the throne. But Harold broke his promise and became the King of England soon after the death of Edward because it was feared that the Norwegian King, Magnus and his son Harold would also claim the throne through Harthacnut. When Harold finally got the crown, both the suitors of the throne decided to march on towards England.


Harold did kill the Viking army including Hardrada but backed off and moved south with his army when he got to know about the arrival of William of Normandy. This held the Battle of Hastings where King Harold was defeated by the William of Normandy.


This was said to be the end of Anglo- saxon period. The norman conquest changed the value of the English language by replacing French as the language of “elites”. French was used in national purposes, art, food etc. People were comfortable in French as their medium of communication. In this way, it came under the dominance of French and Latin language.

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