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EdTech or Education Technology

EdTech or Education Technology

EdTech is one of the most discussed topics these days. Edtech or Educational Technology is what exactly It is termed in common. From the elementary education to the education provided at Premium Universities around the globe, every single way of education which involves technology to make learning & teaching more easier and graspable comes under the circumference of EdTech or Educational Technology.  In a more apprehensible way, EdTech is the use of technological processes and resources to improve education. To improve learning and pedagogy, it is technology in forms of products, apps, and tools, affecting every single stage of the educational journey.


The unchanged educational industry from the centuries has seen a revolutionary change since it encountered the techno world. Technology has changed the old & dogmatic world of education. Nowadays when everyone has a smartphone in there hand and internet connectivity is stronger and cheaper than ever, sharing of information has become easier. Involvement of technologies has helped the educators to impart education with more convenient and apprehensive way. Not more year has passed since USB, Video Lectures and other smart learning programs were beyond the understanding of common people and nowadays it has come into the reach of everyone it facilitated the education industry to grow so rapidly. The Indian education market is expected to almost double to $180 billion by 2020, buoyed by the rapid expansion of the digital learning market. A lot of digital learning firms came into existence, in spite of making education & learning more convenient and cheaper they started to exploit the market. High rates of subscription charges, products and services stretched the gap between rich & poor more wider.


The Kailasha Foundation- Fun & Learn came into being with the ambition to bridge this gap between the rich & the poor. The Kailasha foundation is a free online tutorial, career counseling & doubt solving platform. It is an initiative to help out students who are in need. An institution always determined to impart the quality of education to the students of any social or economic class.


EdTech has changed everything in the education sector, it has changed the entire concept of teaching & learning but there is one thing which won’t change ever and that is the importance of a teacher. The entire EdTech revolves around the teacher.  It is the teacher who makes these technologies useful and effective for the students. EdTech is nothing but a helping hand of the educator. It can never take place of a teacher.
Indisputably EdTech is the future of education. It has made this more effective & easier. Rapidly digitization of mankind and increasing interconnectivity among people has made it EdTech accessible.

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