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Event Management : New Career Option

Event Management : New Career Option

Event Management is all about managing an event. It is a learn on the go subject. It involves applying project management to the creation and development of largescale events. These may include wedding planning, ceremonial events, managing festivities, conferences, formal parties, concerts, conventions and many more.

In short, it is not just restricted to one lone segment. Event management has vibrant fields to look at. Be it formal or informal, event management today has gathered moss at all of the possible places.

event management

The event manager is responsible for the creative, technical and logistical elements. He is who monitors all aspects of the event on site, both corporate and personal events. However, tailored be the environment an event manager has to work through all. If you envision yourself as one then rule the world at your footsteps. Start getting involved in promotions. Get as much exposure with regard to different kinds of events and how the entire event experience is customized for different industries. Stay alert with the trends of businesses and their strategies, basics of businesses. A good amount of research helps a lot.


Studies in event management include organizational skills, technical knowledge, marketing, advertising, categories, logistics, décor, glamor identify human relations, the study of law and license, risk management, budgeting and the study of allied industries like television, other media, and several other areas. Certification can be acquired from various sources to obtain designations such as:

  • Certified trade marketer
  • Certified in exhibition management
  • Global meeting professional
  • Certified meeting professional
  • Global certificate in event design
  • Certified special event professional
  • Certified quality event planner

(source: Wikipedia)

event management



Event management has come up as a rich industry with exponential (rapid) growth platform. As already stated event management involves planning, organizing, directing and controlling of large scale events  – festivals, trade shows, and product launches.


  • The entertainment industry (film festivals & screenings, university events)
  • A marketing tool, it is.
  • Businesses (event management strategies viz sponsor events, organizing events, partnering et cetera)
  • Food and beverage industry
  • Media
  • Nonprofit organizations


Pros and cons:


+Youngsters are preferably hired

+Communication and connectivity


+Flexibility (adapt to the last minute crisis changes)

+Organizing yourself and others

+Increase in clientele

+Spotlight living

+Motto of attaining best guest experience


event management

-Long working hours


-Getting into jobs that are not of your interest (linger)

-Moving quick past the mistakes


Event management is at the same time much broader and much more specialized than actual management.


We can say that event management is a part of management. But then again management is a discipline appearing in many industries and not just event management.


Another important point of distinction is the tools put to use. Regardless of the existing generic management tools, it is best to use generic specific software. And that is further distinctive for different areas of event management. If an event is about organizing a trade fair, one would need different software tools than for an event management in the live concert business.

Again, this would differ from the customized experiences of the target audience. A generic management will not fare well in event management and vice versa.


So, if you are ready to work for long hours with a fantastic passion to attain success and can cope with the stressful situations at hand then step forward with no hesitation to decide on it as a career.


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