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Photography – One of the Best Career Option

Photography – One of the Best Career Option

Though anyone can do it, but not everyone can.

Confused? Your confusion will be cleared soon. Photography is not just a technique to click pictures, but it’s an art and so a craft both at the same time. In this article, we’ll talk about the misconceptions about photography as a career.

So, you might be thinking I changed the topic. Don’t worry, I didn’t really. Okay, I did, but getting back to it. Photography is really an easy thing to do, but professional one is not everyone’s cup of it. It requires a true passion to learn and to practice it the right way. We have an end number of schools today that teach us the subject ‘Photography’, but no teacher can actually teach the skills one needs to be a professional and a true photographer. It comes from within and obviously a lot of practice. So, anyone carrying a DSLR, snapping around is a not truly a photographer, so don’t let them fool you that they are professionals. Professionals don’t usually do it for free, just like that. They don’t brag about it. Let me give you a tour to the misconceptions of photography as a career and clear the doubt a little more.



So, we know there are a lot of photographers out there. Where would be our chance to earn? Whether they are amateur or professional, they click and they are paid. THEY ARE COMPETITION!

No, they are not. The biggest misconception we have in terms of photography as a career option. Competition? They are not anywhere near you if you take it seriously. How? They are paid anyhow. That’s what you are thinking. Right? The photography industry is huge. And in every little aspect of life, whether social or personal, we need photographers. We need every single moment to be captured. Yes, they try and sometimes get paid too, but the aspirations from the pictures a client possess are higher than anyone can imagine. The hobbyists seek jobs as professionals do, but they do not survive for long because they lack the amount of patience, practice, skills, and passion that is required. So, don’t judge it from outside. There are too many but not as many as we need today.



Yes, there are a lot and lot of aspirants. But the work is no less either. Like I said, it’s a huge industry, bigger than any other out there, bigger than we could even imagine. Your interest might lead you to a specific branch or many, but there will always be space for more photographers.



A Famous phrase says, ‘A little learning is a dangerous thing; drink deep, or taste not the Pierian Spring’, true that.  When aspiring photographers to be get an Idea of what the industries are like, they tend to go for glamor world like any other person would desire to, unaware of the fact this industry is not as glamorous as it looks like. Fashion or Bollywood, any of the two requires as the number of efforts and there would be no more of the entertainment as in any other photography field. Photography is the same everywhere. Don’t choose it just for glamor sake. Go for it if you really wish to. No extra money or fame is made.



No field in photography is any less than any other, neither does it is any less paid. We are in a misconception that wedding photographers are seen down on, but it’s not true. It simply depends on the studio’s goodwill as any other company’s. For example, a local watch will always cost less and preferred less than a branded one. Same with the studios the photographers work in. But it doesn’t mean one shouldn’t go for a smaller one. We can start our career with a less known studio because it is the place where you can learn more than anywhere else.



Every single field in photography has more or less the same number of vacancies available. It’s just that event and wedding photographers are the ones most seen. When compared to other branches of photography, these photographers are front line photographers and others are simply not, but all the field plays an excessively important role and is of their own kind.



Freelancing is a good option too for if you wish to be your boss, but there is no income certainty. Freelance photography is the same as any other freelance work. Don’t be fooled with the thought that photography is majorly done on freelancing and no permanent jobs are available. It’s not true. Photography is the same as any other profession, we know. It too has well promising permanent jobs and there is a lot of it. Freelance is nothing but an option, not a necessity.


So, if you are an aspiring photographer, but are confused whether should choose it as a career option or not. No need to think anymore because photography is really an interesting field and it might take you to places if you will to. All the best!

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