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Job Profiles & Career in Photography

Job Profiles & Career in Photography

Everyone has to work, so it should be fun.

If you are looking for an adventurous and as well as a paid career,

Photography is the one.

A Photographer is the most in demand person on the planet since we came into existence and is not just about shooting supermodels. It has a lot to offer. Being one of the most rapidly growing industry, it has a lot to offer. I am listing them below, but first, let’s see a few of the many benefits of Photography as a career.


You are praised.

You get to be creative.

Get to follow your passion.

Get to work with famous artists.

Your life’s full of adventures; no boring days.

Your work stays in people’s heart part for life.


There could never be enough of benefits in the career of photography. So, Getting back to the point, here are just a few of many industries associated with photography:

Wedding Photography

You enter as a wedding photographer and suddenly you are the most important person in the room. Even more than a bride or a groom. A photography industry never goes out of work or fashion and wedding photography is the best example. It is a very promising job as marriages are a thing of every season and everyone desires to get the best photographers because after all we usually marry once and the memories have to be treasured for life. So they are ready to pay you a good amount of money for that.

Event Photography

It is the second most paid job profiles of all. Photographing the events, guests and occurrences is Event photography. Portrait photography could be considered as a part of it. Usually, newcomers kick start their career in this sort of photography. For example, in promotions, conferences, and any stated event.

Portrait Photography

It is typically a studio based photography but outdoors is the in trend these days. For portraiture Photography, the skills have to be detail-oriented and the photographer doesn’t only have to capture the person but his inside mood and emotion. It could be done solo, couple or family depending on the client.  This job type is one of the most preferred by photographers because they are usually self-employed and work a freelancer i.e. they can set their hours it goes with their ideas.

Freelance Photography

Freelance photographers are not bound to any company, a specific client or a specific job. They work on project basis irrespective of the profile as they can portrait, wedding, wildlife or any field as per their interest and time. It is a good way for side earning mainly because it doesn’t have job security as other photography fields but you can play as per your interest.

Read about types of photography

Photo Journalism

As the name suggests, a photojournalist is a journalist who clicks the photos for newspapers and magazines and even for the channel production team. The photographs are of crime scenes or anything that is covered as news. Bollywood or glamour news also comes under this category. It is the oldest type of photography. If one wants to be a journalist and do not have a flair for writing, but photography, he should go for photo journalism. End number of jobs are available under this umbrella.

Scientific Photographer

The photos taken of the scientific studies are termed as scientific photography. Usually, this type of photography is done by the people who have a scientific academic background. It includes discoveries, medical phenomenon, and scientific studies. They may have to work under a different sort of environment than others with a mix of odd timings, but is really an interesting aspect of photography.

Industrial/ Commercial Photography

Commercial photography is basically product photography. The pictures taken are used for ads, promotions, several Medi, and catalogues. It includes merchandise, artefacts, products, building, etc. Portraiture/portfolio photography and many other types are used.

Sports Photography

It is one of the highest paid professions under the umbrella of photography only if you know how to capture the perfect shots and the perfect timings. They contribute to Newspapers, magazines and posters, as freelancers or sports photo journalists.

Fashion Photography

If you love to be a part of the glamour world all the time, then it is the perfect profile for you. Clicking the photos of models, a celebrity in the fashion shows and also the merchandise comes under this profile. As all profiles or branches of photography are connected to one another, Portrait and product photography is part of this. Sometimes photo journalism also becomes a part of it.

Photography – One of the Best Career Options

Fine Arts Photography

Photography related to art or nature comes under this category. It is done in museums, art galleries and many more art related areas. Wildlife, nature and photography of people’s art. These types of jobs are less likely to be found but are paid well.

Forensic Photography

The photographs taken of crime scenes for police for the future reference in solving or stating the crime, forensic photography is used. It is used as evidence of the crime scenes. The photographers are required to be on duty any time a day. It is a very crucial type of photography because the photos are used as evidence in the further investigation so there is space for mistakes. The required skill set is very high.

Wildlife Photography

Love for animals and adventure is the key to this profile of photography. It is all about capturing the beauty of animals and their habitats in a frame or a photograph. This profile is connected to photo journalism as well as the fine arts photography profile, but such photographers usually like to go for freelancing. They can work for media houses, entertainment channels like discovery and for fine arts gallery, museums etc.


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