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Any career we desire to go for has its pros and cons, but which one is worth trying for is up to our own will and passion. In this charismatic world, a career in photography is the icing on the cake.

Because who don’t need a professional photographer by their side?

If you thinking to be a photographer, don’t think twice as it is one of the most demanding fields these days and will always be. 

The branches and its career options in photography are discussed below:

There could be a number of job profiles under this sachet as a creative line has no limits. A few of the most known are as follows:

  • Wedding Photography:
  • Event Photography
  • Portrait Photography
  • Freelance Photography
  • Photo Journalism
  • Scientific Photography
  • Fine Arts Photography
  • Industrial/ Commercial Photography
  • Forensic Photography
  • Sports Photography
  • Wildlife Photography
  • Fashion Photography
  • Product Photography
  • Celebrity Photography

Read about Photography – One of the Best Career Option

We usually get confused between the job profiles and types of photography.  A Job profile may consider more than one type of photography. Firstly we’ll discuss the types and then the profiles because in the end what matters is how you’ll learn from it.

There are mainly 6 types of photography. That is as follows:

Landscape Photography

If nature is where you belong to and every beautiful part of it makes you stop and adore it, you are the perfect fit for this type of photography. Landscape photography is the art of capturing the beauty of nature in a single photograph.

Wildlife Photography

Your love for animals and studying their behavior is the key ingredient for this type of photography. Exploring the jungles with a lot of adventure. No, not always about the jungle, but yes, it is a part. A wildlife photographer has to face many challenges, but once they get the click they have desired for, it’s worth it.

Portrait Photography

It is most demanding in the market. This type of photography focuses on expressions, poses and to define the mood. It could be on an individual, two or a family. Aspiring models opt for such clicking style for their portfolios. There are many portrait photographers in the market already. So, it has a tough competition.

Architectural Photography

Capturing the beauty of architecture from the ancient one of the houses for the business purposes comes under this category. The beauty of the monuments being pictured in the tourist books and clicking tourists is a huge business. Also the when it comes to commercial, structures of buildings from different angles for selling point of view.

Wedding Photography

The most known and looked down on the type of photography is wedding photography, but we don’t know that it all depends on the clients, the venue and the studio. Today, wedding photography concerns a lot of people and they look for the best. There is a misconception that anyone can do it as it is the most done but it’s not so. Usually, photographers start their career with the wedding or event photography because, it is one of the most growing sectors these days and has a lot of vacancies. But for it, one has to be mastered in portrait type of photography and should possess great editing skills. Because afterall we usually marry once in a lifetime.

Fashion Photography

Photography done for fashion magazines and articles comes under this category. It is basically capturing the style and sensational looks of the models. They are being captured while ramp walking, portraits and even celebrity photography.


Here, we are clear with the types of photography one should know. In our next article, we’ll talk about the job profiles and the types that are usually used in it. How will they concern any individual and the quality of career they promise.


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