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2. J.  McWhorter of College of Health Science at the University of Nevada studied physical therapy students during their graduate-school year. The researchers were interested in the fact that, although graduate physical therapy students are taught the principles of fitness, some have difficulty finding time to implement those principles. A sample of 27 female graduate physical- therapy students had a mean of 22.46 percent body fat.



a.       Assuming the percent body fat of females graduate physical-therapy students is normally distributed with a standard deviation of 5.10 percent body fat, determine a 95% confidence interval for the mean percent body fat of all female graduate physical- therapy students

b.      Obtain the margin of error, E, for the confidence interval for the mean you found in part a.

c.       Explain the meaning of E in this context in terms of the accuracy of the estimate

d.      Determine the sample size required to have a margin of error of 1.55percent body fat with a 99% confidence level.

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  1. Solution for part a is in the above image.


    Part b:

    Margin of Error:



    Part c:

    Explanation: The probability that the error in mean will go beyond 1.92 (either side) is 0.95.


    Part d:

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