Errors in the process of Data Collection


What kind of errors comes in the process of Data Collection?

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  1. Various types of Error in Data collection are as follows:

    1. Inappropriate population Error- Like you collected data which was not relevant and you missed the one which was relevant as per objective.
    2. Sampling Size Error- Sample size either too small (significant effect) or too big (negligible result)
    3. Non Uniform Sampling- Like you focus on some particular crowd so that they influence your result.
    4. Selection error- Selection error is the sampling error for a sample selected by a non-probability method.
    5. Non Responsive Error- The error by including non responsive data
    6. Measurement Error- Error while measurement
    7. Calculation Error- Error while calculation
    8. Approximation Error- Improper approximation
    9. Periodic Error- Collected the data of wrong intervals

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