Green house effect due to cattle ranches


Cattle ranches are known to cause acute green house effect. This is due to –
(a) mechanized milking practices (b) methanogenic bacteria in the rumen
(c) decomposition of leftover fodder (d) decomposition of organic remains in feces

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  1. Jagrati Parashar

    Methanogenic bacteria in the rumen

    Methane is produced in the rumen and hindgut of animals of a group of Archaea collectively known as methanogens, which belong to the phylum Euryarchrota. Among livestock, methane production is greatest in ruminants as methanogens are able to produce methane freely through the normal process of feed digestion.

    Atmospheric methane is an important green house gas with a global warming potential 25 times greater that carbon di oxide and methanogenesis in livestock and the decay of organic material is thus a considerable contributor to global warming.

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