Annelid characters by leeches


The set of annelid characters that are share by leeches is –
(i) setae for locomotion

(ii) metameric segmentation

(iii) indeterminate number of segments

(iv) presence of clitellum

(v) hermaphroditism

(a) i, ii and iii (b) ii, iii and iv (c) only and iv (d) only ii and v

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  1. Jagrati Parashar

    ii) Metameric segmentation

    (v) Hermaphtoditism

    Leeches share only two sets of annelid characters.

    Metameric Segmentation – The repetition of organs and tissues in intervals along with the body of an animal, thus dividing the body into a linear series of similar parts or segments (metamers). It is mostly seen in Annelida.

    Hermaphroditism – “Reproduction is sexual or asexual”.

    Asexual reproduction is by fragmentation, budding or fission. among sexually reproducing annelids hermaphrodites are common but most species have separate sexes. Fertilized eggs of marine annelids usually develop into free swimming larvae.





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