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NCFM COURSE – Career Booster for Finance Lovers

NCFM COURSE – Career Booster for Finance Lovers

NCFM stands for NSE ACADEMY’s Certification in Financial Markets. NCFM is an online testing and certification programme. It tests the practical knowledge and skill required to operate in the financial markets.

What is NCFM Course?

NCFM course is an educational initiative of NSE, India’s foremost stock exchange started in 1998. It is the professional course for the financial market which is offered by NSE Academy. This course was started in order to protect the interests of investors in financial markets and more importantly, to minimize risks of losses arising out of a deficient understanding of markets and instruments.

This course consists of a comprehensive range of modules covering different areas of finance which includes NSE Certifications, NISM(National Institute of Securities Market) Certificate and NISM Continuing Professional Educational(CPE). There are many beginners, mid-level and advanced modules available ranging across all areas of capital markets.

NSE’s Certification in FM is very helpful for the students who are looking for careers after graduation. Students of Commerce, Economics, Management, Banking, Insurance can benefit from this course. Even freshers with no degrees are also making a decent career by completing these certification courses.

Students can opt for this if they aspire to flourish in the field of trading and securities.

NCFM course provides powerful insights about the techniques and functions of capital markets like basics of equity, debt, currency, derivatives. The fundamental functions provide psychological knowledge including picking up of the right company, choosing right stock, etc. Technical functions give an understanding of various charts and patterns.

NCFM certification consists an objective type exam which includes theory as well as practical questions.

Eligibility Criteria

There are no restrictions on age and qualification for registration. No formal educational background is needed. Professionals, students or any other individual who has interest in capital markets can apply for this course.

Is it worth doing?

The first and foremost question which arises is whether this course is worth doing or not. The answer to this question is simple-YES. The following are the reasons:

1-Job opportunities

This course helps in providing vast job opportunities as it adds weight to the CV. A person with NCFM certification will have an advantage over the person who doesn’t have this certificate. Along with this, one can have the option to work from home. The starting salary is 1.5-3 lakhs per annum along with incentives.

2- Career Prospects

One can opt to become Dealer, Relationship Manager, Research Analyst, Risk and Insurance Management, Broker, etc.

3- Detail study

This course provides detail study in all aspects of the economy like equity, derivatives, money market, banking, insurance, mutual funds, micro and macro economics.


The entire process from the generation of question papers to testing, assessing, scoring, reporting and certifying is fully automated. It gives tremendous flexibility in terms of centers, dates, and timing by providing easy accessibility and convenience to the candidates.

NCFM course opens doors for stock market aspirants. So, if you are interested in the field of finance, then go for this course as it provides maximum knowledge at minimum cost.


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