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What is Bucket List?

What is Bucket List?

Have you ever heard these kinds of phrases?

  • I want to go Amsterdam.
  • I want to go to the top of the Mount Everest.
  • I want to see the Northern Lights.
  • I want to ride a mechanical bull or bungee jump.
  • I want to walk along the beach in the moonlight.

Every one of us has such kind of list, which includes the task which we wanted to do at least one time in our whole span of life.

This list is called “Bucket-List”.

A more formal definition of the Bucket list is “a list of things which a person wants to achieve or experience or do before reaching a certain age or say before dying.

A bucket list can be for a terminally ill patient. For e.g., If you know that at a certain age you will die, then what are the things which you really wanted to do before dying will be called as the bucket list.

So, simply put all your wishes, goals, dreams, and aspirations that you want to accomplish in your lifespan into a list and kudos! Your bucket list is ready.

The basic meaning of bucket list is to carry a track record of your goals and then take necessary steps to achieve them before a certain age or death and consequently maximizing the incredible experience of life.

Bucket List Origin

There was a movie released in 2007 named “The Bucket List” from where this term gained its popularity. In Indian cinema, we can relate this term with the wishes of “Shraddha Kapoor” in movie “Ek Villain”.

There is a phrase “Kick the bucket” which was used in middle ages when the execution was done by usually hanging on the rope and the executioner would “Kick the bucket”. One may link the term bucket list from there too.


What really goes on the list and what not

The bucket list is different from person to person. It is nothing but a personal journey between you and your goals. This list reflects what one really desires in his/her life, what are one’s ambitions.

However, the list does not include your daily household works like bringing grocery from the market or washing the utensils in the kitchen before sleeping. The list is different from the tasks which we usually do and the ambitions we have in life. Washing utensils or cooking dinner or bringing grocery is not one’s ambition but these are the tasks which one do on daily basis, however, cooking for your beloved any specific dish (And you don’t know cooking) can be on the bucket list.


There are various synonyms one can use for the bucket list, some of them can be

  1. Life goals
  2. Things to do in life
  3. Things for Incredible life
  4. Goals to achieve
  5. Ambitions from life

You may have your own synonyms for this list. And if you don’t have the list, then my sincere advice is to make one such list and try to do everything possible to complete the tasks mentioned in the list. Because then, on the last day of your life, you will not have any qualms.

Remember these lines from a Bollywood song:

“कब्र पर मेरे सर उठाकर खड़ी हो जिंदगी, ऐसे मरना है मुझे” (at the time of death, my grave should be proud of me)

For this prepare your bucket list and start achieving what you really desire for.

All the best.


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