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Vedic Mathematics 4th Lecture: AWESOME DIVISION TRICK

Vedic Mathematics 4th Lecture: AWESOME DIVISION TRICK

Yes, You read it right. Kailasha Foundation Fun & Learn Portal is bringing solutions to you in all aspects of your academics. Improve your calculation and stop depending upon calculator for everything as Ancient Indian Mathematics’ quality is presented directly at your mobile/PC for the purpose.

  • Divide Large Numbers by Large numbers in seconds
  • Release the stress of lengthy and difficult Mathematics
  • Overcome the phobia of Mathematics in an awesome manner

In the 4th video lecture of our Vedic Mathematics series, we bring to you PARAVARTYA YOJAYET Formula which allows you to divide like a pro.

Check Out the Video Here:


In our last lecture of this series, we described Urdhwa Tiryabhagam.

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A Mathematics teacher by profession. Writer by passion. Social Media is lifeline, Hindi language is divine. A stand up comic by nature, I believe in loving life always.

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