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Kailasha Foundation ( Or KFdn ) – Ask a Question: What, How, When?

Kailasha Foundation ( Or KFdn ) – Ask a Question: What, How, When?

Kailasha Foundation – Fun & Learn Portal, or KFdn , is a big and versatile team of dedicated problem – solvers and educators.

Their bestselling U.S.P. is their commitment to answer to all your valid, academic problems within 24 hours.

To ask a question, you need to visit Kailasha Foundation – Fun & Learn Portal (Click on link).

There is a question form which requires your

UserName (Choose a Username. Registration Not Necessary. Remember this username for next time.)

Email id

Question Category (Choose Subject. If not found, then choose ‘other’)

Question Title (Write the name of topic/Give a Heading)

Tags (Choose tags if you want to. Separate with commas. Example: Math, Mathematics, Vector, Vector Algebra, CBSE, etc.)

Attachment 【Displayed as ‘ADD FIELD’】(To insert image to ask questions including diagrams/charts/Mathematical Functions, Expressions, Equations/Chemistry etc. Note: After using this option, Don’t get confused whether your attachment is done or not. Anyone will have to ‘click’ on the ‘Attachment’ link shown to see the attachment).

Question Details: Your actual question goes here. Tell the team what do you want to ask.

Don’t forget to choose the ‘Notified by Email’ Option so that you might be duly informed.

Following is the question form for logged in users:

Following are the additional options (Username and E-mail) for the users who are NOT logged in:

However, this team is in it’s development phase. So, some typical questions might cross the barrier of 24-hours duration.

But they do everything for satisfactory and appropriate answer.

A few Questions are answered within few minutes after being posted on their portal.

This portal is indeed the next big thing in the field of E-learning.

You can know more about Kailasha Foundation here (click link).

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