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I want to upload a file of 34 gb. I want to know how much internet data is required for uploading?

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  1. The consumed data for uploading depends on following basic parameters

    1. Type of file to be uploaded. For example, if you are uploading a video of 34 GB, it will require a little more than 34GB. That’s factor is known as network overhead and generally, it is between 1-5%. In case of files and documents, it will require data less than 34GB

    2. Whether your file is continuous or discrete. Like 1 file of 34 GB or 3400 files of 0.01 GB. In the second case, data consumed will be less because the server will not have to establish a same streamed connection for a longer period of time and it can upload Parallel at the same time.

    3. Your connection speed. Better the speed, less the consumed data.

    4. Source. If you are uploading from the harddrive, it will take less data as compared to that from the pen drive or sd card.

    5. If the files or portion of files is already synced before, it will save data for mounting and indexing. It will just index the file list and update those which are either newly added/deleted/updated etc

    Further, I would like to add that google drive can hold only 15gb for free for one normal user account. With promos, you will be able to get 17gb (total) for life and 50gb for 2 years. If you have an educational account, “Google Apps for Education”, then you have an unlimited amount of storage.

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