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Best Strategy for IPCC or CA Inter

Best Strategy for IPCC or CA Inter

First of all very very congratulations to all those, who have cleared their CPT or CA Foundation and welcome to the real CA world now.

As you have already cleared stage 1, you are about to begin your stage 2, that is, IPCC or CA inter, in which there are 2 Groups. You are eligible to give your exam after NINE MONTHS from the date of registration i.e, Examination due after 9 months is applicable. You have options to give both the groups together or one by one. There is no such compulsion that you have to first give Group 1 then only you are eligible for Group 2. According to your preparation, you can attempt in any manner.
You should be clear from the very beginning, about your plans for which all subjects you want to take classes and which all subjects you are doing with self-studies.
Proper planning and a good routine will help you to overcome these problems.
If you are doing graduation from non-attending college or distance education, then you can easily go for both the groups together and utilize your time effectively and make a proper schedule from the very beginning and stick to it. You can divide your subjects into sections and work accordingly.
If you are doing graduation from regular college, then, in that case, it is advisable to give one group at a time according to your preparation.
IPC is a combo of both practical and theoretical subjects. Give equal importance to each subject, whether it is theory or practical.
If you wish to give both groups together, then, in that case, I will suggest you to complete your classes of one group first, then only you should jump on for the second group.
Apart from that if need any help, Kailasha Foundation is here to help you round the clock. So, if you have any academic query, just tell us.

All The Best

Work Hard and Stay Motivated

(And always remember that there is NO SUBSTITUTE FOR HARD WORK)


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