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NOUNS – Lecture 1

NOUNS – Lecture 1


Here is the complete description of noun and the types of noun.

What is a noun ?

A noun is a part of speech that is used to name a person, thing, place, object, quality or action. There are different types of nouns.

  1. Proper noun – This type of noun consists particularly the name of any person, place or thing.

Example :- Arpita, Shristi, Punjab, India etcetera.

Here are some sentences :-

  1. Maths is a boring subject.
  2. Varanasi is a beautiful place.
  3. Arnav is a stout boy.
  4. Common noun :- This type of noun is used to name a community,thing and class.

Example :- boys, girls, city etcetera.

Here are some sentences :-

  1. That is a group of boys.

B .Girls are always punctual.

  1. The city is attractive.
  2. Collective noun :- this type of noun is used to represent a total number of objects or persons all together as one unit.

Examples:- army, navy, community, committee etc.

  1. The football team this year includes tall, talented and brilliant players.
  2. The Indian army is fighting bravely.
  3. Everyone in the audience waited for the band with curious eyes.
  4. Material nouns : this type of nouns refers to material or objects from which things are made.

Examples:- Iron, wool, rice, milk

  1. Cotton dress is comfortable for summer.
  2. Iron is a useful metal.

C .Milk is good for health.

  1. Abstract nouns:- This type of nouns refers to any name of a quality that a person or things have.

Examples :- bravery, wickedness, cowardness etcetera.

  1. She is a tantrum queen.
  2. The tiger has great strength.
  3. Freedom fighters are the symbol of bravery.

Here are some questions with solutions for better understanding.

Identify the type of nouns :-

  1. The book was kept on the desk.
  2. Water is important for survival.
  3. Cigarette is injurious to health.
  4. The child hood of JK Rowling was full of difficulties.
  5. All the boys were playing.
  6. Iron is a useful metal.
  7. The judges are done with their judgement.
  8. The earth is a unique planet.
  9. We get cotton from plants.
  10. Humanity should be kept alive.


  1. Book is a common noun.
  2. Water is a material noun.
  3. Cigarette is a material noun ; Health is an abstract noun.

4.Childhood is an abstract noun; JK Rowling is a proper noun; difficulty is an abstract noun.

  1. Girls comes under the category of common nouns.
  2. Gold is a material noun; metal comes under the category of common noun.
  3. Judges comes under the category of collective noun; judgement comes under the category of abstract nouns.

8.Earth is a common noun

9.Cotton comes under the category of material noun; plants come under the category of common nouns.

10.Humanity comes under collective noun.


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