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NTSE MAT – Venn Diagrams – 15 question in 10 minute

NTSE MAT – Venn Diagrams – 15 question in 10 minute

NTSE (National Talent Search Exam) for students is meant to identify and nurture talent. The NTSE exam is conducted every year at two levels: – Stage-I (State Level) and stage-II(National Level). About one thousand scholarships are awarded for different stages of education as follows:

  • Scholarship of Rs. 1250/- per month for class XI to XII.
  • Scholarship of Rs. 2000/- per month for undergraduates and postgraduates.

Generally, state level exam takes place in the month of November every year and notification come out in the month of September. The next level exam takes place in the month of May every year.

All students of Class X studying in recognized schools are eligible to appear for the Stage-I examination. There will be no domicile restriction.

The examination will comprise these parts namely

  • Mental Ability Test (MAT)
  • Language Test (LT)
  • Scholastic Ability Test (SAT)

For the preparation of such a prestigious exam, Team of Kailasha Foundation will bring a series of quizzes. In NTSE quiz series, this is the 15th quiz of Mental Ability Test of Venn Diagrams under the head MAT in NTSE.

Attempt the quiz and find out your score.

Note: In this quiz, for every right answer you will be awarded 4 marks and for every wrong answer minus one mark will be awarded.

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