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Regular College vs Graduation with Correspondence

Regular College vs Graduation with Correspondence

‘Why it is important to go to college?’

The answer to this question is simple, that is, attending college provides vast opportunities and more exposure. When it comes to college education it becomes a lot more important to select the right course and right form of education. Students are confused whether to opt for regular attending graduation or graduation with correspondence.

It’s always best to go for a regular degree than the correspondence course. But there are many students who enroll in the correspondence course. It might seem easy and flexible at first but the reality is that it requires a lot more effort and discipline.

Regular Attending Graduation-A necessity

Regular attending graduation has its own merits and benefits. It shapes the life of a student and helps him to build a remarkable reputation.

There are many reasons for choosing regular attending graduation.

1-Direct contact with faculties

The biggest advantage of this mode of education is the direct contact with experienced professors. Students get an opportunity to have a one-on-one discussion with faculties. The professors have the solution to every query and problem of the students.

2-Atmosphere of learning

Ambience plays an important role while learning. It adds to learner’s strength and willingness to learn. Regular attending graduation gives proper atmosphere where a student can learn and recognize his full potential which increases efficiency. In this regard, distance graduation has a major drawback as neither can it generate the campus spirit nor can it give proper classroom situation.

3-Source of motivation

Regular attending graduation provides constant cheer and jeers to every student. They are fully motivated on a day-to-day basis so that they can achieve their target and goals. While in distance education, one has to motivate oneself.

4-High acceptance in job market

Students with a regular degree are given more importance than the one with distance education degree in the job market. Having a regular degree often provides for greater promotion opportunity. It helps students to acquire well-paid jobs.

5-Cultivation of professional attitude

This type of learning germinates professional attitude in students. They are given the pressure of completing targets and meeting deadlines through which students can learn professionalism. In this aspect, not going to college but studying from home is a major setback.

6- Social Interaction

Regular attending graduation gives students an opportunity to socialize and make new friends that they could not have met if they were not enrolled in a college. As they interact with new people from different cultures, they learn to embrace diversity and remove stereotypes associated with some cultures.

Also, this interaction helps to grow in a much better ways as one can learn from his/her fellow students. Learning together creates an environment of competition which ultimately benefited the student.

In the end, it’s better to say that correspondence course will cover up for the Bachelor’s degree, but not the practical issues one might face in the real world.

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I am from Patna Women's College and currently pursuing B.Com. (hons) 2nd year. I dream of starting my own business one day. I love painting and to read novels.

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