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Graphology (Handwriting Analysis) – What your Handwriting tells about you?

Graphology (Handwriting Analysis) – What your Handwriting tells about you?

Have you ever wondered that handwriting of an individual can tell us many things about a person’s personality and behavior?
Handwriting Analysis which is also known as Graphology is the science which deals with the assessment of physical characteristics and patterns of handwriting to indicate the personality and behavior of any individual.

How is it useful?

Every individual has a unique handwriting style which depicts their personality. It is widely used to assess handwriting and interrogate about their physical and mental state. It is used in the recruitment process, career counseling, behavior therapy and even for forensic investigations.

How to analyze?

There are different points in which we analyze the handwriting. Here we are sharing the basic points.
1. Pressure –
When the pressure is heavy it is said that the person is deeply emotional whereas when it is light, it is said that the person is emotionally not expressive.
2. Space –
If it is wide the person is a freedom lover and doesn’t like to be overwhelmed.
If it is less the person is not good at time management but likes to be with someone.
If it is even the person is well sorted in life.
3. Size of the letters –
Small – good concentration with a narrow perspective of life.
Big – broad perspective of life with less concentration though they hardly get bored.
4. Slanting way –
Right – moody and relatable to other people.
Left – Independent and introvert.
Straight – less expressive and good at controlling themselves.
5. Connection of letters –
Connected – logical and good at decision-making.
Not connected – Intelligent and intuitive
6.Dot –
Hollow – playful and creative.
Solid – attentive.
7. Direction of sentence –
Upward – optimistic.
Downward – a sign of discouragement.
Wavy – a sign of instability.

Above we have only briefly listed, how handwriting could be analyzed to check different personality traits. The exact analysis requires good knowledge as certainly, exceptions are present everywhere.

What handwriting analysis can’t tell you?

This doesn’t tell us the sex, age, the nationality of the writer or whether the writer is left or right handed. It also doesn’t predict your future but surely helps you to bring changes through your handwriting.
We hope you find this article an interesting one and do a brief analysis of your own writing. Feel free to share and discuss your doubts or results with us.

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