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8 Tips to Improve Your English Language

8 Tips to Improve Your English Language

Language is a medium of expression. The study of English language in this age of globalisation is essential to express yourself in any official communication or educational institution. There is a common practice all around the modern world of learning the English language so as to extract easy understanding on political, social, cultural and religious issues. It cannot be just considered as a British language as it plays an important role in connecting nations. It is now said to be the language of science and technology as well. One more important use of this language is to qualify various competitive examinations such as CAT (Common Admission Test), GRE (Graduate Record Exam), GMAT (Graduate management test), TOEFL (Test of English as a foreign language) and much more. So here are some ways to improve your understanding of the language which can actually be fun.

  1.  Read English books and newspapers

Reading English books can be a great way of practising English. Keep an Oxford dictionary with you to find out the meanings of various difficult words. If you are at an intermediate stage, try easy story books as the language will be easy and understandable.

Newspapers are said to be the most important medium for developing your knowledge in the English language. It not only grooms you to speak and write better English but it also helps in developing your general knowledge.

  1. Watch television shows and movies in English

Watching movies for developing your English skills sounds good. Isn’t it? Try watching movies with English subtitles so that you can get a proper understanding of the word spoken on screen. You can also improve your accent on this entertaining method of learning the English language.

english speaking skills

  1. Try to converse with good English speakers.

Try to converse in English with your fellow mates or seniors to check your confidence level while speaking. You can learn funny words, trending lines and conversational English which you are unlikely to learn in your classroom.

  1. Listen to some good English music

Listening music is a common favourite pastime universally! You can utilise your leisure time listening some groovy music with lyrics easily available online. This shall surely improve your grasp on the English language.

  1. Learn English idioms and phrasal verbs

There are many kinds of stuff related to the English language which isn’t included in the course of study. English idioms and phrasal verbs are common in everyday conversations. Something which should be learned for academic improvement. It can change your outlook completely with smarter speaking skills.

  1. Remember and rectify your mistakes

Make a note of your mistakes whether it is oral or subjective. Practice on the same thing regularly till you achieve perfection in it. Making mistakes and rectifying it is a slow yet perfect process of improving English.

  1. Play with your imagination

Try to pen down your piece of imagination in a form of short story, quotation or poetry. It may improve your thinking skills and can even generate your power of imagination so that you can get eyes of travelling the world without travelling in real.

  1. Try reading English plays

Plays consist of dialogues which indeed has a great advantage. It can improve your speaking skills. Distinguish your conversing skills before and after practicing dialogue reading and writing.

Follow these steps and get a thorough grasp on the English language. For many years it has been the common worldwide language and will be the same in future. Everybody wants to follow the trend, technology, and fashion in the developing world. English is must to be learned without any kind of collapsible bar of age.

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