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Five New Year resolutions that will not fail

Five New Year resolutions that will not fail

After a long wait of 364 days, it’s 2019, standing at your doorstep. Most of us have already started celebrating it and the bash will go on till the next few days. Each one of us had immense memories attached to this year. Many of us got graduated or post graduated, many got their first job this year. Break-ups and patch-ups were also on the way. We made new friends and created memories together, also found comfort with our ‘old is gold’ batch. But, in between fun, family and friends, what about the resolution that you made at the start of 2018? You forgot again. Or maybe it’s half done. There can be chances that you procrastinated it for tomorrow and that tomorrow didn’t come.

When people could not complete their resolution they simply say, ‘resolutions are meant to be broken’. But you can’t escape from the fact that you’re cheating yourself. This new year take such resolutions that you can fulfill. You really need not to take big steps which you find tough to do later. Most important is to add such things that will be of the same importance on any other day as important it sounds today.

So here are 5 such new year resolutions you can make that will not fail.

  1. Me time – This is very important for enhancing yourself. Me time refers to the time we give to our self. Out of 24 hours, give at least half or one hour to you. In that time, do intra-personal communication, that is, to discuss in mind about the day, or things you should work upon. This will help to build confidence and will strengthen your pros and rectify the cons. This will surely help you to find the Real ‘You’.


  1. Read something positive – Reading is the best exercise for your mind. Do read for 30 minutes to an hour on a regular basis. It makes the mind productive as while reading, you find new words, proverbs, idioms and a lot more. If you can’t find a book or a novel, just read newspapers. It will make your habit of reading as well as you will be aware of the happenings around you. A positive reading is emphasized here as people wish to find happiness in everything. And positive reading is a boon to the mind as well as body.


  1. Give the right way to your hobby – Everyone has a hobby or liking to something, which, in this dynamic world, gets buried somewhere. So this year, get a fresh start and give your precious time to something which you were supposed to do long before. If you are a pet lover, then take your loving one home, caress them and enjoy with them. If you have a green thumb, then discover a small area in your home and grow some beautiful flowers there. All in all, in 2019, do in which you find comfort.


  1. Overcome unhealthy behavior – Each one of us has gloomy- gleamy behavior. We get praised for your gleamy behavior, but often neglect our dark side. And sometimes, it creates trouble for us. If you really wish to find a way for it, try to find out those aspects which are the root cause of those gleamed behavior. Analyze and hit the root cause of the problem and it will be solved.


  1. Believe in you and be happy – It is a very important and much-needed resolution to fulfill. People today are dramatic and always comparing their lifestyle with others, which make them sad. First of all, strike this thought out of your mind that you are unhappy and others, whom you see are happy and enjoying. It is the mindset and your will that can make you happy and satisfied even at the minimum resources as well as you can be pessimist even if you have everything along with you. Hence, good deeds and positive thoughts are key to happiness, and always be fortunate enough for the life you have got.

You can adapt and follow any of these resolutions, or/and take another one as per your needs. But be sincere to complete it and with no cheating. Wish you all a very happy and healthy and prosperous New Year.

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