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12 must do things for IPC Aspirants – IPC exam tips

12 must do things for IPC Aspirants – IPC exam tips

IPC exams are on the head and pressure is soaring upon students. We are advising some IPC exam tips below to make the preparations easier and planned so that you can fetch higher marks and get qualified for next level.

1) First and foremost thing this last 20 days you should be only in the situation to revise not reading something new if some topics are untouched then don’t start them now as it will only kill your time.

2) It’s a common mistake that while preparing for Cost and F.M. students tend to ignore the theory portion. Let me remind you 20 marks Question is from there and it can be a decider whether you cross the line or not.

For that you can diligently learn all the theory questions from practice manual, nothing comes out of that.

3) In law, this is the time you give your attention to ethics and communication as in the previous months you all were engrossed in company law and case studies that ethics is left unattended, but it carries again 20-25 marks.

For that, you need to just understand what the chapter is trying to say. Don’t try to learn word by word, eventually, you’ll forget and kill your time. Your concept about a chapter should be clear, then answers will get framed automatically.

4)When it comes to Tax, considered as the most tricky and lengthy subject, here what I did is to first complete IDT, it will give you confidence and it gets finished easily and in much lesser time.

5) Now DT is very vast, for its complete revision, first try solving the sums which include all the adjustment of section (I remember it’s in chapter 8 of practice manual), then go for miscellaneous topics.

Another important aspect is that don’t try to mug up notes mentioned at the end of the question, understand what is contained therein, be accurate with the words of provisions and mention the same.

6) In Accounts ( group1) what you can do is, now that it’s the first exam, focus on accounting standards, generally, if some trick questions are there, they’re from AS and that too in the first Question, so it becomes compulsory for you to attempt. So very carefully read every AS and do written practice for the same.

7) Now when it comes to Advance Accounts, I think there are more practical sums in AS so do practice that from practice manual, chapters of advanced accounts are easy, because I feel you have the concept from group1 so you can handle this very easily if you have practised well.

8) So next paper is Audit, Focus on SA’s, try to quote section word by word, for that you need to practice a lot. If you have prepared your own notes, compare the level of answers with practice manual and incorporate some lines from it. If not then revise from practice manual, not word by but get the writing style from it.

9) Now the last paper, IT SM– start from chapter 3 as it is very long and tedious, you’ll gain confidence by finishing it first, then subsequently you can move to other chapters. In SM, don’t ignore the questions in the practice manual as there are a lot of questions from lines between chapters.

Diagrams of some important concepts should be kept in mind to fetch more marks.

General points:

1) Revise at least RTP of three terms, either you can download it or purchase the same.

2) Don’t hamper your sleeping routine as it will affect your health which you can’t afford.

3) Keep a track record of what you have studied and what not so that all areas get covered.

4) Always select the question first which you will not attempt, in the 15 minutes reading time, and in the first page of answer book, do not forget to check boxes for the questions you have attempted.

5) Wherever possible make maximum working notes but don’t invest too much time on a single question.

6) Carry a chocolate in the examination and have a bite in between or before the exam, this will relax you and help in attempting the question in a better manner.

Good luck:)


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About Nupur Shivangi

I am currently pursuing CA IPCC and My area of interest is business tax audit and corporate law I have been a debate and winner of Horlicks WizKids 2 time I love sarcastic writing and try to do the same

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