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How to become a topper? How does it feel to be one?

How to become a topper? How does it feel to be one?

How to become a topper? How does it feel to be one?

I was always a topper at my secondary school. And I have faced the people always asking such questions about ‘recipe‘ for becoming a topper etc. The world is very big and every topper has to see all sorts of praises, jealousy, interviews, etc. for his entire life.

Despite everything, everyone dreams of being at the top. And ‘how to be one’ is the question of the hour! It is also obvious that everyone can’t be at the top at the same time. So, ‘what actually makes the difference’ is important.

So, let’s know straight from the toppers, how to become one!

Kailasha Foundation has arranged interview snippets (straight talk, no long q&a rounds) from toppers of various exams and streams. Read their views and know yourself!

1. Abhishek Kumar, GATE 2016 AIR 99


2. Radhika Garg, NIFT 2017 AIR 57


3. Vaibhav, Sanchay, Richa – XII CBSE 2017

topper vaibhavtopper sanchaytopper richa interview

4. Jyoti Jaiswal, X CBSE 2017 – 10 CGPA

topper jyoti interview

5. Ruchika Hissaria, BCA gold medalist, 2015 – Suresh Gyan Vihar University, Jaipur

topper ruchika

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A Mathematics teacher by profession. Writer by passion. Social Media is lifeline, Hindi language is divine. A stand up comic by nature, I believe in loving life always.

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