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Fear of Maths – Follow these Guidelines

Fear of Maths – Follow these Guidelines

I have heard about and seen many students struggling with elementary mathematics. There are generally two things in this context:

  • As a student gets in stream which are not related with maths, he starts feeling that maths is none of his business and keeps himself away from it. Soon he gets out of practice and looses even the basic skills of maths which he has learnt in middle school. He finds even the simple mathematical problems difficult to solve. And starts seeking here and there for help. So a mentality is developed in him that maths is difficult and he can’t learn it. If in your case such a mentality is developed then try to overcome it. Think of your past when you have passed your high school with maths (which is a compulsory paper) ,it will be not so difficult to recall that you scored better than at least few students who went for maths stream. It will boost your confidence to some extent.

    Image Source - Internet

    Image Source – Internet

  • Now let me talk about the strategies of working with elementary mathematics:
  • In elementary mathematics there are very few concepts which are very easy to understand as compared to any paper of post graduation course. One can easily master it in a short duration.
  • Practice is a must for mathematics Although it has few concepts but it requires a nice practice to master it and to tackle the problems in an effortless way.
  • For elementary mathematics always avoid going through internet or youtube video lectures (you will miss many important concepts)instead go systematically with a series of books.
  • I would recommend mathematics by R.S Aggarwal by S chand publication. It is a concise book. Start from books of class 7th Get a second hand book (if available with friends or in second hand market) and start reading it with little patience. Believe me, maths book has very few to read and rest of the page Is full of demonstration problems. Strategy here is that just read the book line by line as a story book and emphasise only at those concepts which you have forgot. Thoroughly practice the areas where you find difficulty.
  • Do the same with class 8th and 9th book maths book by the same author.
  • Believe me it will not take much time. Further let me tell you that if you will try to go buy any shortcut way or and reference book you will always miss some important concept and will have to struggle with it for a long time. Try to get rid of it as soon as possible.
  • I recommend you to go through books because you must do it in no other way than all good mathematics students do.


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