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Polity Quiz

Welcome to your Polity Quiz

1. Who has been the Chief Minister of two different states at different times?
2. How many female members were there in Constituent Assembly?
3. Who has served as Chief Minister for maximum period of time?
4. Who has been the Chief Minister for shortest period?
5. Who got Bharat Ratna after becoming the President of India?
6. Sucheta kripalani, the first woman Chief Minister was elected from -
7. Which state was formed on the basis of different language for the first time?
8. What is the minimum strength of state legislative assembly prescribed by the Constitution?
9. Hindi was adopted as official language on which date?
10. When was “Jana Gana Mana” adopted as National Anthem?
11. Which of the following is a Scheduled Language prescribed in Eighth Schedule of the Constitution?
12. Which state has faced maximum instances of President Rule?
13. Which state has not faced President Rule yet?
14. Who among the following is the youngest Speaker of Lok Sabha?
15. Under which Prime Minister the first coalition government was established?
16. Who has held the Office of Chairman of Rajya Sabha for two Consecutive terms?
17. Constitution Day (Samvidhan Diwas) is celebrated on
18. Who among the following has not been acted as Chief Minister before becoming Prime Minister of India?
19. In which year the Electronic Voting Machine was introduced in Indian election?
20. Which ‘Deputy Prime Minister’ has also served as Prime Minister?

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