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Hello ! Welcome to your NTSE SAT - Geography


Time: 20:00 min                                                                                                          Full Marks: 60

  1. There is negative marking of -1.00 for all incorrect answers chosen.
  2. There is no deduction for NOT attempted question.
  3. All questions carry equal marks and all 15 questions are of 4 marks each.
  4. All Questions are compulsory.

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1. Which is the southernmost point of the Indian Union?
2. What is the longitudinal extent of India?
3. The total length of the Indian coastline is
4. India’s latitudinal and longitudinal extent in degree is approximately the same, but its latitudinal distance in km is greater than its longitudinal distance in km. This is because
5. What is the approximate distance of India’s north-south extent?
6. What is the approximate distance of India’s east-west extent?
7. The standard meridian of India is located at
8. The standard meridian of India passes through
9. Apart from Sri Lanka, which other island state is our southern neighbour?
10. The area where the Himalayas stand today was occupied by an ancient sea called the
11. Name the island of India which is an active volcano
12. The north to south extent of India is
13. India shares ................... of the total area of the world.
14. India accounts for ..................... the total of the world in Agriculture.
15. According to its size what is the rank of India in the world?

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