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Hello ! Welcome to your NTSE SAT - Chemistry


Time: 10 min                                                                                                         Full Marks: 60

  1. There is negative marking of -1 for all incorrect answers of MCQs.
  2. There is no deduction for NOT attempted question.
  3. All questions carry equal marks and all 15 questions are of 4 marks each.

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1. Earth moves around the sun and hence causes seasons to change from summer to winter to monsoon is
2. Match the following and choose the answer from the code given below:

(A)Metals on heating        (i) Reversible change
(B)Souring of milk            (ii) Expand
(C) Making clay toys        (iii) Periodic change
(D) Rising sun                   (iv) Irreversible change
3. Select the irreversible changes from the following and choose the answer from the options given below.
(i) Melting of wax
(ii) Freezing of water
(iii) Formation of curd from milk
(iv) Conversion of dough into bread
4. When you added a certain liquid to methyl orange, methyl orange solution changes to red, the liquid can be
5. A base which dissolves in water is called:
6. The sewage digested by the bacteria undergoes
7. The nature of industrial waste is generally
8. Pick out physical changes from the following:

(i) Rusting of iron

(ii) Dissolving salt in water

(iii) Boiling dissolved sugar in water

(iv) Bursting of motor-cycle tube
9. The main cause of smog is due to
10. The acidic soil in farm usually treated by
11. Acid present in tamarind is
12. Concentrated orange juice is added to a solution and the solution turns green
13. For the formation of Sugar syrup for sweets, steps are

(a) Dissolving the sugar in Water

(b) Heating the sugar solution

Choose the correct statement.
14. When you add Glucose into water, the glass gets cooled, this is an example of
15. An oxidation reaction involves:

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