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Full Marks: 20

  1. There is no negative marking.
  2. There is no deduction for NOT attempted question.
  3. There are 7 minutes to attempt the quiz.
  4. All questions carry equal marks and all 20 questions are of 1 marks each.
  5. Pass marks for this mock test are 10.
  6. All Questions are compulsory.

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1. Which of the following is the correct reason for the downfall of Mughal empire?
2. Against whom battle of Plassey in 1757 was won by the company
3. Which was the first country to establish the concept of the constitution in the world?
4. Rationales behind a constitutional system are:
5. Till which year existence of the double government of the company and nawabs was there?
6. Who was the first governor of Bengal
7. After the regulating act of 1773 how much value of stock, a shareholder needed to hold to become a member of court or proprietor
8. Before the regulating act of 1773, what were the fixed terms for which board of directors were elected
9. In which year the supreme court in Calcutta was established
10. Who was the first chief justice of the supreme court
11. Who introduced a bill to ratify defects in regulating act of 1773
12. In which act there was a clear difference between court of control and board of control
13. In which year Pitt’s India act of 1784 was amended, which provided veto power to governor general over his council
14. Which act ended the company’s monopoly over Indian market
15. Who was the first law member?
16. Under which act for the first time law member was added to the council
17. In charter act of 1853 what was the strength of the court of directors
18. In the charter act of 1853 which Council was enlarged?
19. In charter act of 1853 how many directors in the Court of Directors were appointed by crown
20. Which act was the first effective substitution to parliamentary control over the company through board of controls

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