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Hello ! Welcome to your Journey of Indian Constitution - II


Full Marks: 15

  1. There is no negative marking.
  2. There is no deduction for NOT attempted question.
  3. There are 6 minutes to attempt the quiz.
  4. All questions carry equal marks and all 15 questions are of 1 marks each.
  5. Pass marks for this mock test are 7.
  6. All Questions are compulsory.

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1. In the Government of India act, 1858 post of Secretary of State was established in place of which Council?
2. How many members assisted the Secretary Under Government of India Act
3. What was the no of members in Council of Governor-General under India Council Act,1861?
4. Under Indian Council Act 1861 who had the Veto power for matters related with public debt/revenue, region, military?
5. In which year an amendment was passed to ratify the short comings of Indian Council Act 1861?
6. Under which Act number of Central Council members were increased after Indian Council Act,1861?
7. Who was the Viceroy when Morley Minto reforms were introduced
8. How many members were there in Viceroy's executive council after Indian Council Act 1909?
9. Which Act laid the foundation for representative government?
10. Under which Act the separate communal electorates were provided?
11. What led to Morley Minto reforms?
12. Under which Act,  the Crown was empowered to appoint Governor-General and the Governor of Presidencies?
13. What was the biggest draw back under Morley Minto reforms
14. Who was empowered to fill the seat in case of provincial legislature under Indian Council Act 1892
15. Under which Act Secretary of State got absolute control?

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