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Hello ! Welcome to your CONSTITUTION QUIZ 2


Full Marks: 20

  1. There is no deduction for the NOT attempted question.
  2. There are 7 minutes to attempt the quiz.
  3. You will be awarded -0.25 marks for an incorrect answer.
  4. All questions carry equal marks and all 20 questions are of 1 marks each.
  5. Pass marks for this mock test are 7.
  6. All Questions are compulsory.

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1. The Supreme Court held that ‘Preamble is the basis feature of the Constitution’ in-

In which case the Supreme Court held that the preamble is not the part of the Constitution?


The Indian Constitution was adopted by the constituent assembly on


The term ‘Socialist’ in the preamble is based upon the views of


The terms ‘Socialist Secular’ were added to the Constitution by


In case if Golak Nath v. Sate if Punjab where it was remarked that our Preamble contain in a nutshell its ideals and aspirations, who was the Judge?


Who said “Fraternity means a sense of common brotherhood to all Indians and is the principle which gives unity and solidarity to social life.”?


Which of the following is correctly stated?


The provisions related to citizenship, elections, provisional Parliament came into force with immediate effect from-


Which of the following cases Justice Sikri stated: “Preamble of our Constitution is of extreme importance and the Constitution should be read and interpreted in the light of the grand and noble vision expressed in the Preamble.”?


In S.R. Bommai case, who observed that Democracy and Federalism are essential features of our Constitution and basic features of its structure?


The concept of Directive Principles of State Policy is borrowed from?

13. The scheme of federalism was borrowed from?

Who said, “in any event, whatever system if Government we may establish here must fi in with the temper of the people and be acceptable to them.”?


The term ‘unity of the Nation’ in the Preamble was substituted by ‘unity and integrity of the Nation’ by-

16. The feature of judicial review was borrowed from-

Who said,” The new Constitution establishes, indeed a system of Government which is at the most quasi-federal, almost devolutionary in character; a unitary state with subsidiary federal features rather than the federal state with unitary features.”?


Which of the following statement is not true?


Which of the following Articles describe about the persons voluntarily acquiring citizenship o a foreign state not to be citizens?


Louis XVI was executed on

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