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Time: 15 min                                                                                                         Full Marks: 120

  1. All questions carry equal marks and all 30 questions carry 4 marks each.
  2. You will be awarded minus one marks for each wrong answer.
  3. There is no deduction for an unattempted question.
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The correct classification of Balanoglussus is 

2. Which is not an aerial adaptation of birds

In which both characters are found without exception in all mammals

4. What is common in bat whale and rat ?
5. Annual migration does not occur in the case of
6. Presence of gills in the tadpole of frog indicates that :-

Which one of the characters is not typical of the class mammalia:

8. Which of the following statements is incorrect?
9. Which of the following pairs of animal is correctly matched with the morphological features?
A) Crocodile-- 4 Chambered heart
B) Sea urchin -- Parapodia 
C) Obelia -- Metagenesis
D) Lemur -- Thecodont
10. Which of the following animals is correctly matched with its particular named taxonomic category

Which one of the following groups of animals is triploblastic and bilaterally symmetrical?


which one of the following group of structures/organs have the similar function :


Gambusia is a 


Living fossil is 

15. Ichthyophis belongs to

The glands present in the skin of frog are 

17. Which connecting link is an evidence for organic evolution?
18. Zoological name of the line is

Which is correctly matched

20. Cause of death during snake bite

Which of the following is not the character of Taenia Solium

22. Lac is produced by the insect as
23. Five kingdom scheme to classify living beings has been proposed by

Which of the following does not make the nest of its own?


Assertion -- Hooks and suckers are present in the parasitic form of flatworms. 

Reason -- it helps in absorbing nutrients from the host body 


Assertion -- Endoskeleton of sturthio is fully ossified.

Reason --it is flightless birds

Assertion -- Bats and whales are classified as mammals 

Reason -- Bats and whales have the four-chambered heart.

Assertion -- Radulla is masticatory organ. 

Reason -- it is calcareous in nature.


Assertion-- Alimentary canal is absent in Taenia Solium

Reason -- Taenia Solium is an endoparasite 


Assertion-- Contractile vacuole is absent in sporozoans .

Reason -- All the sporozoans are endoparasite. 

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