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Hello!  Welcome to Test Biology Mock 5 - Animal Kingdom - Phylum Chordata


Time: 15 min                                                                                                         Full Marks: 120

  1. All questions carry equal marks and all 30 questions carry 4 marks each.
  2. You will be awarded minus one marks for each wrong answer.
  3. There is no deduction for an unattempted question.
  4. The result will be mailed you on the email id provided.

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1. Tunicin is similar to:-
2. Which one of the following is chordata but not a vertebrate
3. Coelom divided into three parts in
4. Chordates are distinguished from non chordates by the presence of:-
5. Urochordata, hemichordata, and cephalochordata are collectively also known as :-
6. Protochordates lack :-
7. Hemichordata are not regarded as true Chordates because:-
8. The gill slits of chrodates occur in:-
9. Phylum chordata was established by:
10. Vanadium is found in blood of :
11. "Sea-squirt " is common name of :-
12. One of the following is bisexual:
13. Percentage of chordates animal :-
14. The axial endoskeleton of elasmobranchs is made up of
15. Most venomous fish
16. Which one is the distinguishing feature of all the vertebrates
17. Petromyzon and Myxine are not regarded as true fishes because
18. The best aquarium in India is located in:
19. Liver is bilobed in
20. Which of the following fish have homocercal tail
21. Hippocampus is called "sea horse " because:-
22. Which of the following amphibian has largest RBC's
23. Teeth in Amphibia are:
24. Heart of amphibians are
25. Circular and suctorial mouth are characteristic feature of
26. Axolotal larva of *Ambystoma* normally fails to metamorphose , the reason is
27. Hyla is commonly called
28. If fish taken out of water it will soon die beacuse
29. Sense organs found in fishes as unique feature
30. Pineal eye is found in

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