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Hello!  Welcome to Test Biology Mock 2 - Human Reproduction


Time: 15 min                                                                                                         Full Marks: 120

  1. All questions carry equal marks and all 30 questions carry 4 marks each.
  2. You will be awarded minus one marks for each wrong answer.
  3. There is no deduction for an unattempted question.
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1. Which of the following is the correct match?

Homolecithal eggs are found in


The oocyte is liberated from ovary under the influence of LH, after completing:


In a 30-year-old lady, eggs are released in the form of 

5. Estrogen is secreted by
6. Graffian follicle are found in

Number of eggs released in the lifetime of a woman is approximately

8. Which temporary endocrine gland forms in ovary after ovulation
9. Which of the following is the correct matching of the events occurring during the menstrual cycle?
10. For ovulation in reflex ovulation
11. Corpus luteum is

If the menstrual cycle is if 35 days then what is the risk period (cycle start on 1st day) 


Ovulation occurs under the influence of


Ovulation in the human female normally takes place during the menstrual cycle


Which is correct 

16. Immediately after ovulation, the mammalian egg is covered by a membrane called
17. The site of fertilization in the mammal is
18. Adaptation for the approach of sperm of egg in mammals

Antifertilizin is 

20. Polyspermy is normally prevented by
21. Fertilizing are emitted by

The blastomeres in the blastocyst are arranged into an outer layer called -----A------ and inner group of cells attached to trophoblast called the -----B-----. 

23. Cleavage starts in the zygote
24. Meroblastic cleavage takes place in
25. Movement of blastomeres usually seen in which embryonic stage
26. Which of the following is not correct for gastrulation?

The cavity formed during gastrulation and found in mature gastrula 


Correct sequence in development is 

29. A placenta is the region where
30. Parturition duct in female is called

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