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Hello!  Welcome to Test Biology Mock 2 - DIVERSITY IN THE LIVING WORLD


Time: 15 min                                                                                                         Full Marks: 120

  1. All questions carry equal marks and all 30 questions carry 4 marks each.
  2. You will be awarded minus one marks for each wrong answer.
  3. There is no deduction for NOT attempted question.

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Assertion- Family has a group of related orders and classes .

Reason - Families are characterised on the basis of only vegetative characters not by reproductive characters.
2. Assertion- Binomial names are latinised or derived from Latin irrespective of there origin.

Reason- Latin is a dead language, so used by scholars.
3. Assertion- The biological concept of species is based on reproductive isolation.

Reason - The biological concept of species is universal.
4. Assertion- In the higher category, there is great difficulty in determining the relationship to other taxa at the same level.

Reason - In higher taxa there are fewer characteristics that the members within the taxa share.
5. Assertion- Genera are aggregates of closely related species.

Reason - Genus comprises a group of related species which has more characters in common in comparison to species of other genera.
6. Assertion- Cryptograms do not reproduce sexually.

Reason - Flowers are indistinct in Cryptograms.
7. Assertion -Same type of key can be used for every taxonomic category such as family, genus, and species.

Reason- The keys are based on the contrasting characters generally in a pair called lead.
8. Phylogeny refers to
9. The standard size of herbarium sheets is -
10. Funaria is included in Bryophytes because:-
11. Peristome in Funaria is consist of-
12. Which of the following environmental conditions are essential for optimum growth of mucor on a piece of bread?

A) Temperature of about 25°C

B) Temperature of about 5°C

C) Relative humidity of about 5%

D) Relative humidity of about 95%

E) A shady place .

F) A brightly illuminated place.
13. Dung - mold is
14. Which statement is correct-
15. White rust disease of Crucifers is caused by:-
16. The diatoms do not easily decay like most of the other algae because.
17. Souring of milk is due to -
18. Richest source of bacteria is :-
19. Paramylum is stored food of :-
20. The diatomaceous earth is used for insulating boilers and steam pipes because -
21. Branched aseptate, Coenocytic mycelium present in -
22. Lichen is a pioneer vegetation of -
23. These exists a close association between the algae and the fungus within a Lichen. The fungus:
24. Reindeer moss is common name of -
25. Food reserve in Rhodophyta is :-
26. Phycobilins are characteristic pigments of:-
27. Which of the following plant groups have similar pigment composition
28. Pteridium shows
29. Agar - Agar is obtained from:-
30. Fern prothallus produces -