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Please give me some tips to prepare for SSC CHSL 10+2 exam.


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  1. Hi there,

    Here are the few things that may help you.

    1. Go well through the syllabus and pattern of exam. As you are already preparing for the exam,so you must have covered some syllabus, further make study plans/targets to cover topics. So that you have time to revise also.

    2. Test yourself to see your strength and weakness in subjects, this analysis will help you to know where to work more and where you can score good.

    3. For General awareness, keep a track of current affairs. Pay attention to news or read newspaper regularly.

    4. For maths,learn tricks which will help you to solve question by easy method in lesser time. Also be well versed with fundamental mathematics concepts.

    5. For English,increase your vocabulary, learn about the grammar rules and its usage,improve comprehensive skills.

    6.For general aptitude, logical and reasoning should be studied well.

    7. Once you are done with syllabus try to solve as many as papers you can. You can also appear mock test which are available online. This will help you to improve and also to track your time limit to solve the paper.

    8. Try to study regular no matter how busy your schedule is or maybe When you are distracted.

    9. Lastly, keep your mind and body fit. Don’t be stressed.

    All the best.

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