the sale of goods act 1930


distinguished between constructive delivery and symbolic delivery?

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  1. Symbolic Delivery :-
    If the key of any store is delivered to any person, it will be considered the goods in the store are also delivered to that person. It is a symbolic delivery.

    Example :- A sells the cars to B which are kept in the Showroom. A gives the key of showroom to B. It is a symbolic delivery.


    Constructive Delivery :-
    When there is a change in the legal character without any visible change in actual and visible custody it is called constructive delivery.

    Example :- Mr. A has bus, which he has rented out to Mr. B. It is in the custody of Mr. B.
    Mr. A sells and transfers complete title to Mr. C.
    The bus remained in the custody of Mr. B. There is no change in the custodian. Here only the title of the property has changed. Now Mr. B agrees to hold on behalf of the buyer. It is called constructive delivery.

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