The Prairies


What are The Prairies?


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    The word Prairie originated from Latin word “priata” which means meadow.

    The temperate grasslands of North America are known as the Prairies. It is a region of flat, gently sloping or hilly land. For the most part, prairies are treeless but, near the low-lying plains, flanking river valleys, woodlands can be found. Tall grass, up to two meters high, dominates the landscape. It is actually a “sea of grass.”

    The prairies are bound by the Rocky Mountains in the West and the Great Lakes in the East. The prairies cover parts of United States of America and parts of Canada. In the USA, the area is drained by the tributaries of Mississippi and the Canadian prairies are drained by the tributaries of Saskatchewan Rivers.

    The grasslands of Prairies were the home of native Americans often called “Red Indians”. They were the actual habitat of the continent. The Prairies were the home of other tribes also like the Apache, the Crow, the Cree and the Pawnee.

    The Prairies are also known as the “Granaries of the world,” due to the huge surplus of wheat production.Dairy farming is another major industry. The dairy belt extends from the Great Lakes to the Atlantic Coast in the east. Dairy farming and extensive agriculture both promote setting up of food processing industries. Large mineral deposits particularly coal and iron and a good network of roads, railways, and canals in this region have made it the most industrialized region in the world.


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