Role of global institutions in regulating globalization


Discuss the role of global institutions in regulating globalization.

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  1. WTO (World Trade Organization)

    1. Primarily responsible for policing the world trading system and making sure that nation-states adhere to the rules laid down in the trade treaties signed by the WTO members.
    2. WTO is also responsible for facilitating the establishment of additional multinational agreements.
    3. WTO also works in the direction of lowering the barriers to cross border trades and investment.

    World Bank

    1. World bank promotes economic development by funding various projects in developing countries.

    IMF (International Monetary Fund)

    1. IMF use to maintain order in the international monetary system.
    2. Helping countries to cope up with the financial crisis.

    United Nations

    1. Solve international problem.
    2. Promoting respect for human rights.
    3. Maintain international peace and security.
    4. Develop friendly relations among nations.
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