Relationship are key to business success in China


Relationships are key to business success in China. Justify the statement citing political-economy and cultural attributes of China.

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  1. Following points can describe and justify the statement:

    1. Due to the autocratic nature of Chinese governing systems and methods, there has always been a lack of fair and reliable social and legal institutions within China. Because of this, Chinese people today often feel that they are only really able to truly trust and rely on their closest friends and relatives.
    2. The legal system in China can be easily influenced and hence it can take years to successfully resolve cases, and firms don’t have the time or money to wait for a favourable resolution. Hence most Chinese business people are not accustomed to “business only” relationships. Rather, they prefer to create a friendly and personal relationship first, and then conduct business afterwards.
    3. From the cultural perspective of China Confucianism places a strong emphasis on observing the proper relationships as the key to social harmony.

    Hence, by focusing on developing a strong relationship first, as opposed to a formal and tightly worded contract, Chinese business people can more easily be assured of a long-term and profitable collaboration.

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