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Which of the following carboxylic acid could be resolved by reaction with an enantiomerically pure chiral amine?


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  1. In this question, resolvable means optically active so option A and B can be easily figured out that they are no optically active.
    In option A molecule is planar.
    In option B there is a line of symmetry passing through either both of NO2 groups or both COOH groups. Hence not optically active.
    Now coming to option C and D.
    In biphenyl, if ortho positions are occupied by bigger groups then because of the steric hindrance both the benzenes become perpendicular to each other due to which becomes non-planar and the mirror image of such compounds are non-superimposable.

    C is non-planar so optically active

    D is planar so not optically active


    Hence answer would be C.

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