Influence of culture on Japanese decision making process


The length of decision making process is one of the most common complaints of anyone who works with or for Japanese organizations. Discuss the influence of culture on Japanese decision making process.

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  1. Following cultural things affect the Japanese decision-making process

    1. Japanese people have a strong psychological resistance to anything new so until they are 100% sure, they do not take any decision.
    2. Japanese people have “Lack of High-Risk High Return” Culture.
    3. Students are taught to “Solve the easily solvable problem first” and then if they have time, follow-up with the more difficult ones. Adults then translate that skill to their workplace.
    4. No authority at lower level and strong hierarchy. Employees have to take everything up through their boss and supervisors which slows the decision-making process.
    5. HQ (Head Quarter) is the supreme authority in Japanese organizations to make any judgements on their own. Hence the decision taken up in the branch office of another country have to cope up with the another time zone of Japanese HQ which delays the process.
    6. “Go with what you know” Culture. So if you are afraid of taking responsibility in the case of a bad idea, it is probably safer to just go with the old ideas that seem to have been working for the past however many years.


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