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hi I am doing my bcom Hons from DU regular collg .. its third year and I am interested in becoming RBI governor . I want to seek guidance as to how and when to pursue it .. what courses I must do and when .. do I have to register myself somewhere ? 

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    As far as the enrollment to any specific course is concerned, one need not to enroll as there is no such specific course, however, having post-graduate degree in economics or similar subject will help you a lot.

    since RBI governor is appointed by a committee and a very experience person is usually nominated for that who has a great understanding of financial scenarios and finance and for that famous persons of banking and finance sector are nominated for RBI governor.

    You can take a look at the qualifications of previous RBI governors and can understand from there that what is the level of knowledge you need to acquire to be an RBI governor.

    For more info, you can read here.

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