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Please explain the meaning of word “Plump” in three references viz. noun, adverb, and adjective with proper sentences.

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  1. Plump is one of the most common word which can be used as Noun, Verb,  Adjective & Adverbs.

    Word forms- plumper , plumpest

    1. Adjective (fatstout)
    We can describe someone or something as plump to indicate that they are rather fat or rounded.
    Jagrati was plump with a mass of curly hair.

    2. Verb (flopfalldrop)
    I think Sarmistha should plump for Roshan, her long-suffering admirer.

    3. Adverb
    suddenly or heavily
    He ran plump into the old lady.

    4. Noun
    A group of people, animals, or things; troop; cluster
    This is the quail, which is like a little plump partridge.

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