Divide a sum into three parts


We have total amount Rs. 2379, now divide this amount into three parts so that their sum becomes equal after 2, 3 and 4 years respectively. If the rate of interest is 5% per annum then first part will be?
a) 818
b) 828
c) 838
d) 848

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  1. A+B+C =2379 (equation 1)
    According to question~
    [A+(A×5×2)/100]=[B+(B×5×3)/100]=[C+(C×5×4)/100]= suppose K

    Finding Values of A,B and C in term of K and putting in equation 1 will give value of K.

    SO, this way you can find value of A, just put the value of K in (A in terms of K)

    Answer = 828

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