Colour of hat – Reasoning problem for CAT


A, B, C are made to stand in a line, all facing north. There are 5 hats available (hidden) with the information being public that 3 identical black hats and 2 identical white hats are there.
They are blindfolded and one hat each (colour not told) is put on everyone’s head.

Blindfolds are removed thereafter.

Now, C is the last in the row, so he can see colours of hats on the heads of A and B but NOT his own.

B is second, so he can see colour of hat only on A’s head but NOT his own or C’s.

A can’t see any hat’s colour.

When C was asked first, he said he didn’t know the colour of his hat. C was then shot dead.

When B was asked after that, he too replied the same about the colour of hat on his head.
He was also shot dead.

Now A’s turn came, he told the correct colour of his hat with logic.

Which colour and how?

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  1. A thinks that:

    1. C didn’t know the colour.

    C could know only when
    A & B both had White.

    But C didn’t tell.

    Means at least one of A & B is white.


    2. Now B & A are both aware of this fact.

    B’s turn:

    A thinks that:

    B would surely know his hat’s colour if A had white hat. (Because at least one was black).

    But B was unable to tell.
    Means A’s hat was NOT white.

    Means, A’s hat was black. ?

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