Characteristics of PS-I


Which of the following is the characteristics of PS-I?

(1) It is active only up to 680 nm of light.

(ii) the reaction centre of PS-I is P680

(iii) PS-I is reduced by the electrons released in photosynthesis of water

(iv) PS-I is involved in non-cyclic photophosphorylation.

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  1. Jagrati Parashar

    Ans. 3) PS-1 is reduced by the electron released in photosynthesis of water .
    The light dependent reaction is a part of photosynthesis. This reaction photosynthesis can be broken down further into two systems.

    1. The light dependent reaction starts in photosystem ll : light energy oxidises the chlorophyll, and causes it to lose electrons (photo-oxidation) . Two electrons are removed per photon .

    2. The electrons are transferred to photosystem l where they reduce NADP+ , (a slightly different molecule from NAD+ , the electron carrier in respiration). NADPH then diffuses into the stroma and enters the Calvin cycle.

    3. The electrons lost from photosystem ll need to be replenished. Light energy is used to split water molecules in order to release electrons (photolysis) and oxygen .

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