Career in Biology after graduation


Plz suggest wat should I do for building my career. I m pursuing BSc zoology from Bihar universities.
But what after that??

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  1. one option is
    you can apply at FITJEE or other coachings for teaching job. They give really good packages. The selection procedure includes a test of subject for which you will apply for teaching, group discussion and after that demo of your teaching.

    2. you can go for higher studies, like M.sC in biology. and after that Clearing NET with a very good score will open the job of Assistant professor in many of the colleges.

    3. you can also go for B.ed and then can apply for various teaching post. One is in Navodaya vidyalaya samiti and other state govt teaching jobs too. You have to clear the exam for govt job. You can also join CBSE certified schools. Some famous schools gives very good perks.

    4. You can go for any specific field specialization like microbiology, or biotechnology. These fields in biology are at boom and having a excellent knowledge of these fields will open your way towards research.


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